How to monetize typo domain traffic? typo domain name

Typo domains and affiliate marketing

You know that the best way to monetize traffic is affiliate marketing. Traffic from a typo domain brings the most targeted visitors you can get. The main difference between very expensive visitors from PPC campaigns and naturally
targeted visitors from typo domains is mainly in the price and their purchasing potential.While in PPC campaigns you spend money to optimize traffic and you have no result for a long time, you pay the domain only once and the result comes immediately. Customers who write the wrong URL buy immediately and you are collecting commissions without any extra energy spent.

But affiliate programs do not allow typo domain traffic!

Most affiliate programs do not allow traffic from typo domains. And of course you understand why. When a visitor enters a misspelled URL, he does so because he is about to visit the site or service, and he is already determined to make a purchase. That means he is going to shop without your recommendation or help.
You didn’t do anything for the affiliate commission, so you don’t have the right to get it.

How does affiliate network prevent traffic from typo domains?

The first step is to find out that your traffic is comming from the typo domain. Then such a source of traffic can be blocked and you are out of the game. This is possible by tracking the http referrer of your clicks. Http referer is an information wich is providing by header of http request. This information includes the URL from which the click was made. So the affiliate network knows which site (URL) your visitors are coming from and automatically blocks this traffic or blocks your entire account.

How to bypass http referrer with my URL?

Simply use the Fake Referer. The procedure is very simple and you can do it with this tutorial.

1) Install Fake Referer on your website

2) Set up and test your campaign

3) Download redirect file ( ), extract it and change URL with your Fake Referer campaign link.

4) Upload file (index.php) into ROOT directory of your typo domain hosting.

5) Test your redirect with typing your typo domain name into URL bar of your browser. (Go to visit your typo domain)

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