FAQ – what you need to know

What is Fake Referer good for?

This plugin allows you to redirect all blackhat traffic to your affiliate links without any risk of fraud detection.

Can I use the plugin for any source of traffic (Propeller Ads, Facebook Ads etc.)?

Yes you can use it with PopCash, or any other traffic source! There are no limitations.

What are the basic steps to get it work?

  1. Install Fake Referer plugin into your WordPress page.
  2. Set up all plugin fields.
  3. Check if is plugin working correctly.
  4. Create traffic campaign with generated link.
  5. Drive your traffic to affiliate campaigns!

Is there a possibility that the affiliate network will detect fraud?

Yes, of course. If there is no affiliate link in the posts from which there are clicks, it’s always suspicious. Such a situation can evaluate the affiliate network as a scam. Therefore, it is necessary to insert the same affiliate link into the posts as you inserted into the Fake Referer plugin. You can do it by adding affiliate link into a widget, or with Post Injector!