Fake Referer for WordPress

How Fake Referer for WordPress works:

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Fake Referer is a plugin for the WordPress website. It can help you make a lot of money with cheap traffic sources. The main idea of ​​the project is to get the cheapest traffic for affiliate your programs and redirect it via your website to make as much money as possible. The cheapest traffic is often prohibited by the terms of the affiliate program and its use is not possible. With the Fake Referer plugin you can use this type of traffic without limits. And that’s not the only advantage of this plugin for your WordPress site. Try Fake Referer for FREE now!

One Pop-up view is one click on your affiliate link

When a visitor sees the Pop-up window of your campaign, then is automatically redirected to a post on your website and immediately to an affiliate link. This means that the visitor receives your partner cookie in his browser.

* Unlimited campaigns at once
* SSL/nonSSL support
* redirect speedup!

Fake referer for redirect popup traffic to affiliate links - plugin for wordpress
Fake referer 4.1

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What is referer information?

The Referer is small iece of an information sended in header when the link is clicked and you are sended to another web page. This is an information from where you are actually coming from.

You can easily find this referer info in your site stats…

Here is some wiki about HTTP referer.

Why we do need to fake referer info ?

If you want to make some extra money, you need two things:

  1. Good Affiliate program
  2. Cheap traffic

And that’s the point.

  1. The most of the affiliate networks don’t want to traffic as paid pop-ups, pop-unders, tab-ups, tabunders. 
  2. But this is BIG opportunity fro YOU! If you have big amount of cheap pop-up traffic, you are winner. If you don’t have any, you can buy some by yourself 🙂

Fake Referer is little MAGIC in affiliate world

…for redirecting traffic from your PPC campaigns directly to your affiliate links. All clicks ( eg. from PopAds or Propeller Ads campaign ) look like they come from your site! The Fake Referer generates a unique key, without which it is impossible to uncover the true origin of these clicks!

The redirect is allways from the random posts from selected category (you can select all gategories). So the affiliate network sees that the click came through a different posts on your site. Your website posts URLs are ALWAYS as refered pages, where comes clicks from.

We made lot of updates in last few days. Our hard work brings new features…Using the plugin is very simple. When redirecting, there is a loss of traffic of about 20% – 33%. However, these numbers depend on the loading speed of the final pages (the loading speed of the affiliate link page). For more information, please go to the FAQ

It is very important that your posts contain the same affiliate link as you entered in the Fake Referer. You can do this automatically through this free POST INJECTOR plugin! Or you can manually add your link to the site widgets…Post Injector DOWNLOAD